Invite Snowie RVA to your school.


Snowie RVA is owned by two retired teachers with a combined career experience of 68 years in K-12 education.  We have spent our lives supporting children, families, and communities; and we would love to continue our mission at your school! Whether we are part of a FUNdraiser or part of a pre-paid event, you’ll love our cool treats.  

Staff Meetings
Do you start your staff meetings with an icebreaker?  That’s our specialty!  Let us “break the ice" for your staff development and employee appreciation events.

Our Lesson Plan

SOL Objective: (SOL = Snowie On-Line)

SOL 1.1: Students will collaborate and communicate while having fun and enjoying cool treats at:

a) fundraisers;

b) attendance reward parties;

c) honor roll treats;

d) field day events;

e) AR goal rewards;

f) academic festivals and performances;

g) PTA events;

h) sporting events; and

i) dances.

Call Snowie RVA at 804-292-0851 for turn-key events.

Accommodations: Sugar-free flavors are available upon request.

Pacing: Serving one happy student at a time.

Assessment:  Students and staff will display their enjoyment with 100% accuracy.